If You Are Wanting To Be An Admin


1. You must have at least 150 edits as the wiki grows the edit standards will grow higher

2. You must be on this wiki for at least a month 

3. You must have no infracions 

4. You must be a member, and have a profile picture

Please request for adminship in the forums

Duties Of An Admin

  • Checking for vandalism and deleting it
  • Blocking any users who break a rule worthy of being blocked
  • Sending out warnings to users  who break a rule worthy of being given a warning
  • Deleting pages that do not belong
  • Resolving any disputes,conflicts,or confrontations
  • Protecting pages that are highly vandalized or need to be protected
  • The biggest duty of an admin is to make sure this wiki runs smoothly.


Admins more than anyone are expected to follow the rules. If you break any of the rules while being an admin your badge will be suspended and possibly taken away.

  • If you recieve a warning that will result in your badge being suspended for 1 week
  • If you you recieve your second warning yor badge will be suspended for 2 weeks
  • If you receive your third warning your badge will be taken away
  • If you receive any ban your badge will be taken away
  • If you use admin powers for self benefit your badge will be taken away