Talented Dancers wiki features a variety of talented dancers from all over. Many of the daners have been featured on television, the internet, and various competitions. Here is a compiled list of the Dancers featured on the wiki and links to thier pages.

Dance Moms Dancers

These young dancers have been featured on the hit reality show Dance Moms.

Abby Lee Dance Company Dancers

Former Abby Lee Dance Company Dancers

Candy Apples Dance Center Dancers

Former Candy Apple's Dance Center Dancers

Stars Dance Studio Dancers


  • Abby Lee Miller
  • Gianna Martello
  • Jennine Wedge
  • James Washington
  • Alexa Moffett
  • Molly Long
  • Kira DiMartino
  • Shannon Mather

Televised Dance Competition Dancers

Live to Dance

Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Competitive Dancers

Classical Ballet Dancers

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