nSophia Maria Lucia
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 13
Date of Birth September 7, 2002
Parents Jackie Lucia (mother)
Professional Information
Favorite Genres Contemporary
Experience 9 Years
Occupation Student
Studio San Diego Dance Center
Sophia Lucia is a 11 year old dancer from California. Sophia has become one of the most popular and well known child dancer thanks to her talent and youtube videos. She currently holds the world record for the most amount of consecutive pirouttes. Sophia makes appearances all across the country, competing, teaching classes and is currenty working on making her own dancewear line.



Good Ship Lollipop Tap Solo

Turn to Stone Lyrical Solo

Total Eclipse Lyrical Solo

Titanium Lyrical Solo

Me and the Devil Contemporary Solo

Tap Diva Tap Solo

  • 1st Place at KAR National Dance Competion 

Superstar Jazz Solo (Dance Moms)

  • 1st Place at In10sity Dance Competion

Control Jazz Solo

  • 1st Place at Kar National Dance Competiton 

Itsy Bitsy Spider

  • 9th Place at ?

Love Story Lyrical Duet (with Gino Cosculluela)

  • 1st Place at  Jump

My New Reality (Dance Moms)

  • 1st Place at Xpression Dance Competiton 

Dreamcatcher Contemporary Solo

  • 1st Place at Kar National Dance Competition 

On Dance MomsEdit

Sophia appeared on the hit lifetime reality show Dance Moms. Sophia was called into the ALDC after the original team went on strike. Abby was told by resources that Sophia was "10 times better then Maddie" and flew her in. Sophia charmed Abby with her dancing, but not her voice. Abby suggested she take vocal lesson becuase "Minnie Mouse already has a job." Sophia competed against Hadley at competition and won with "My New Reality." The rest of the replacement team disbanded and Sophia was the last one remaining. Sophia joined the original ALDC team for another competition and won against Chloe with her solo "Superstar." Sophia left the team temporarily for jobs back home and missed the competition. Sophia returned to ALDC again but left before competition. She will probably make no further appearances.

On America's Got TalentEdit

Sophia appeared on America's Got Talent. She auditioned and made it past the audition round but was never shown in the Vegas round. It is presumed she either didn't make it in the Vegas round or she withdrew. Most likley Sophia withdrew to focus on her appearances and dancing carrer.