General Rules

1.No cursing or profanity (3 Day-1 Month Ban or a monitor system) 0% Tolerance Policy

2.No hate towards any of these talented dancers (2 Month Ban if stated subtle or hinted you will be put on a monitor system) 0% Tolerance Policy

3.No personal questions,and if you awnser the question you will recieve the same punishment (1 Week Ban)

4.No hate toward any other user (2 week Ban) 0% Tolerances Policy

5.No sexual jokes images or pages (4-6 Month Ban) 0% Tolerance Policy

6.No spamming (1 Week Ban)

7.DO NOT give your password to anyone absolutely no one (1 Year Ban)

7.Dont ask a beauracat for any privileges there is an admin request page (WARNING)

8.Do not duplicate any pages (WARNING)

9.No getting competitive over the no.1 spot in achievements (WARNING)

10.No irrevelant pages, images, or categories (WARNING)

11.No deleting tags without permission (WARNING)

Three or more bans can result in a 1 year ban or infinite ban depending on the time frame of the bans and the rule broken. For example if you have been banned for sexual jokes images or pages three times most likely you will be infinitely banned. Another example is that if you are banned three times for adding pages without permission even though it is a light offense you will be banned for one year


1.Do not provoke people (1 Week Ban from chat)

2.No Profanity (6 month - to 1 yr ban from chat)

3.Do not use all caps (KICK)


When you recieve a warning  you will be looked after , when you recieve 2 warnings you will be placed on a monitor system, when you receive three warnings you will be banned from 1 day up to 1 week depending on the situation, when you recieve 4 warnings you will be banned for 2 weeks, when you recieve 5 or more warnings you will be banned for 1 month