nNick Daniels
Background Information
Gender Male
Age 17
Date of Birth January 18, 1999
Hometown New Jersey
Parents Donna (mother)
Professional Information
Favorite Genres Acro
Occupation Student
Studio Encore Performing Arts Center
Art of Gymnastics and Cheer
Candy Apple's Dance Center Dancer

Nick Daniels is a dancer and acrobat from New Jersey. Nick is known for his incredible flexibility and acrobatic ability. Nick was a guest dancer at Candy Apple's Dance Center.

On Dance MomsEdit

Nick Daniels joined Dance Moms in Season 3. Most likely Nick was either scouted by producers at a competition/ his youtube videos or he auditioned for Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition Season 1 and didn't make the cut. Nick danced with them for several weeks, showcasing his flexibility and acrobatic ability in the group routines. He has has a duet with Jalen Testerman, Hadley Walts, and a two solos that all won first place. Suddenly Nick was absent from episodes. According to Nick himself, the producers called them and told them they weren't giving enough drama and he was winning to much. Nick was absent from the rest of the season Nick re-joined the team in Season 4, most likely sorting out the issues with the producers or they asked him to return.



Ordinary People 

  • 3rd Place (Teen Mr.Legacy at Nationals)


  • Title Winner at Legacy Talent Competition 


  • Legacy Nationals 

Extreme Effects

  • 1st Overall (Highest score of the entire competition at Backstage Performing Arts Competition)

The Bird (Dance Moms)

  • 1st Overall at Masters of Dance Arts

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

  • 1st Overall at Dance USA

Beautiful You (Dance Moms)

  • 3rd Place at World Class Talent


Illusions of Dance (with Jalen Testerman) (Dance Moms)

  • 1st Overall at Masters of Dance

Tribal Affair (with Hadley Walts) (Dance Moms)

  • 1st Overall at Masters of Dance