Monitoring System

This is very severe and being placed on a monitor system means you have either received two warnings or have committed a very serious infraction that is near bannable. This continues for one week and being placed on the monitor system twice will result in a month ban for any time it happens

What Happens

When you are placed on a monitor system an admin will inform you that you have been placed on it tell you the reason and redirect you to this page. Your access to chat will be denied for the time you are on the monitor system. After that an admin will edit your personal page and put in bold letters THIS USER IS ON A MONITORING SYSTEM,(if you remove it you will be banned for one week) so everyone knows that if you do something wrong it is their responsibility to report it. Every day an admin will check your activity log for one week this includes your edits,comments,blogs,etc, and you must inform an admin of any activity you do before the end of the day, if you do not follow this you will be banned for 3 weeks. If anything that breaks even the smallest rule is found you will be banned by the maximum amount of time of the rule.

Reasons you can be placed on a monitor system

This is not the full list but this just lists common reasons

  • Receiving two warnings
  • Using a word that can be argued as profanity such as the "B" word
  • Expressing subtle distaste towards a user because if you do not like someone keep it to yourself
  • Arguing with an admin,chat mod,spam team member if you have an issue talk to them respectfully and privately.
  • Libeling (depending on what was said this can either result in a monitor system or a ban)