nMckenzie Morales
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 11
Siblings Gavin Morales (brother)
Professional Information
Favorite Genres Jazz
Experience 3 Years
Occupation Student
Studio Dolce Dance Studio

Mckenzie Morales is a 11 year old dancer. She dances with her brother Gavin and will be a new dancer on Dance Moms for Candy Apple's Dance Center.



Hot Like Wow Jazz Solo

  • 1st Place at Showbiz (Nationals)
  • 1st Place at Rainbow
  • 1st Place at Kar National Dance Competition

The Investment Lyrical Solo (Dance Moms)

  • 1st Place at DTI

Grace Lyrical Solo

  • 1st Place at Move
  • 1st Place at Showstopper

Rockstar Jazz Solo

  • 1st Place at Starquest

Professional Jazz Solo

  • 1st Place at Showbiz


Bats and Cats Jazz Duet (with Gavin Morales)

  • 1st Place at Rainbow
  • 1st Place at Showbiz
  • 1st Place at Starpower (Nationals)

On Dance MomsEdit

Mackenzie along with her brother Gavin, have appeared in  episodes of Dance Moms. They  joined Candy Apple's Dance Center and dance with The Apple Core. She was featured in many group dances  while Gavin dances with Nick Daniels, Lucas Triana, and Zack Torres in the group. She also recieves a solo entitled The Investment and it places first in the pre-teen division


  • She is no longer undefeated being beaten by her brother
  • Her favorite move in dance are leg turns
  • Her favorite solo is Hot Like Wow
  • She was featured in the Postino I Love It music video
  • She along with other dancers helped with "Lexi's Song"