nMadison "Maddie" Nicole Ziegler
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Background Information
Gender Female
Age 14
Date of Birth September 30, 2002
Hometown Pittsburgh, PA
Parents Melissa Gisoni (mother)
Kurt Ziegler (biological father)
Greg Gisoni (step-father)
Siblings Mackenzie Ziegler (sister)
Ryan (half-brother
Tyler (half-brother) Michele (step-sister)
Professional Information
Favorite Genres Lyrical
Experience 11 years
Occupation Student
Studio Abby Lee Dance Company
Madison "Maddie" Ziegler is a 14 year old dancer. Maddie started dancing at 2 years old and is one of the star students at the Abby Lee Dance Company. Maddie came to fame when she along with several other dancers became the stars of the Lifetime reality show Dance Moms.

On Dance MomsEdit

Maddie is a regular on the Lifetime reality show "Dance Moms" as a dancer on the ALDC competitive team. Maddie is regularly favored by coach Abby Lee Miller but is great friends with all the girls on the show. Maddie has won 1st many times on the show. During the first season she was almost undefeated. Maddie has won nationals twice, in season 1 and season 3.

Media AppearancesEdit

Maddie also had a very brief appearance on Live to Dance. Maddie was shown in her Sunshine & Lollipops outfit. Maddie didn't make it onto the show.

Maddie guest starred on "Drop Dead Divas" as a young Deb. She did two scenes which both involved dancing. Her first scene was in a studio as she tried to master a tilt. The next scene was at a competition where she fell and expressed anger to her mother after it.

Muisc Videos

Maddie danced in Alexx Calise's "Cry" Music Video. Maddie danced her Cry solo that was done to the same music and in the same costume. The Dance Moms cast also all appeared in Brooke's hit single, Summer Love Song. Maddie also was in the music video It's Like Summer by LUX. Chloe Lukasiak got the role for little LUX instead of her. The video that brought her fame was her lead in Sia's Chandelier 


Big Bow Wow

  • 1st Overall at Dance Educators of America
  • 1st Overall at Dance Educators of America (New York Nationals)

Sunshine & Lollipops:

  • 2nd Overall at Dance Educators of America and 1st Overall at Onstage NY
  • 1st Overall at Fire and Ice
  • 1st Overall at Applause Talent
  • 2nd Overall at Dance Educators of America (New York Nationals)
  • 1st Overall at OnStage (New York)
  • 1st Overall at Dance Educators of America
  • 1st Overall at NUVO (Pittsburgh) 
  • 1st Overall at Dance Educators of America (Pittsburgh Regionals)
  • 1st Overall at Dance Educators of America (Las Vegas National Titles)

Rhythm in Your Nursery Rhymes:

  • 1st Overall and Title at Dance Educators of America Petite Miss Dance of Pennsylvania, Dance Masters of America, Chapter #10, 2010

Cry/Over the Rainbow:

  • 1st Overall and Title at Starquest
  • 1st Overall at Onstage NY
  • 2nd Overall and Title at Starpower (2012)

USO Show/Acapella:

  • 3rd Overall at DEA Las Vegas Nationals
  • 3rd Overall at Onstage NY


  • 1st Overall at Starpower


  • 1st Overall and Title at Starpower


  • 1st Overall, Title, and Pagent winner at Starpower


  • 2nd Overall at iHollywood


  • 1st Overall and Petite Miss Dance at Starbound Nationals


  • 1st Overall at DTI

Lights, Camera, Action!:

  • 3rd Overall at Starbound

The Girl I Wanna Be:

  • 1st Overall at Hollywood Vibe
  • 1st Overall at Starbound
  • 1st Overall at DEA

Maestro Man:

  • 3rd Overall at MA Dance

Every Little Step:

  • 1st Overall at Hollywood Vide

I'm Already There:

  • 1st Overall at Fire and Ice

All Of My Life:

  • 1st Overall at American Dance Alliance


  • 1st Overall at Co Dance

Quiet Voices:

  • 1st Overall and Junior Miss Dance at Energy
  • 1st Overall at DEA

In My Heart:

  • 2nd Overall at Energy Dance

Helen Keller

  • 4th Overall at Energy Dance

Looking for a Place Called Home

  • 1st Overall and title at Starpower

Mom It'll Never Be the Same

  • 1st Overall at Starbound

I Can't Find the Words

  • 1st Overall at Starpower

This is Me Over You

  • 1st Overall at Starbound

Piece of My Heart

  • 1st Overall at In10sity Dance

Telling Myself

  • 2nd Overall at Energy Dance


  • Maddie's Original Name was Taylor for 2 days, then changed to Madison.
  • Maddie has 2 half brothers and one step sister, along with Mackenize as her real sister.
  • Maddawg is the fans nickname for her
  • All the money from the meet and greets are donated to charity
  • Maddie, Mackenzie and Brooke all take singing lessons at ALDC
  • Maddie is best friends with Brooke, Paige, Chloe, Kendall, and Kalani.
  • Maddie wishes she lived in LA.
  • Maddie's Favorite store is Abercrombie.
  • Maddie wants to be on Broadway or on TV when she grows up.
  • Her favorite styles of dance are tap and lyrical.