nKendall Vertes
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 13
Date of Birth December 9, 2002
Hometown Township, PA
Parents Jill Vertes (mother)
Erno Vertes (father)
Siblings Ryleigh (sister)
Charlotte (sister)
Professional Information
Favorite Genres Contemporary
Occupation Student
Studio Abby Lee Dance Company

Candy Apples Dance Centre (formerly)

Studio 19 dance complex (formerly)

Kendall Vertes is a 13 year old dancer. Kendall came to fame on the widly popular television show, Dance Moms with her mother, Jill . Kendall is featured as a member of the ALDC competition team. Kendall also used to dance at CADC then soon switched to ALDC.

On Dance MomsEdit

Kendall joined the cast of Dance Moms in Season 2 after Abby held an open audition to replace Vivi-Anne. Kendall's mother Jill made a big impression on the other moms mainly becuase she was accused of being a studio hopper. Kendall tried her hardest on the team even while she was on probation. When Kendall was put back on probation by Abby for not applying correction, Jill took Kendall to Candy Apple's Dance Center. Kendall danced with them for a few weeks until Jill pulled her out becuase Cathy didn't pay any attention to her. Kendall returned to the team later in the season and stayed with them into Season 3

Kendall performed much more in Season 3, including getting on top of the pyramid for the first time. Kendall was put into duets, trios, and solos. Kendall improved over her time in Season 3, including getting 2nd to Maddie at nationals and getting praise from Abby. 

In Season 4, Kendall gets put into the group routines, gets a few soloes, and also was put into an undefeated trio with Paige and Chloe.

Kendall continues to dance with the ALDC in season 6.


  • Kendall used to dance at Studio 19 Dance complex before she came to Abby Lee Dance Company
  • Kendall has a puppy and 2 Guinea Pigs
  • Kendall enjoys Tennis, but barley has time to play it beause of dance
  • Abby stared in a master class in Toranto that Kendall was already at the ALDC before she auditioned
  • Kendall only joined CADC becuase the producers wanted to stir up drama. She still trained and took classes at the ALDC and only went to Cathy's when she needed to learn routines for the show.
  • Kendall along with Brooke, Kalani, Asia, and Brynn are the only ones on the show who have not forgotten their solos
  • Kendall loves the color, Baby Blue
  • Kendall and Jill are both left handed
  • Her favorite shows are Good Luck Charlie, and Shake It Up