nGavin Morales
Background Information
Gender Male
Age 11
Date of Birth October 3, 2004
Parents JoAnne Morales
Siblings Mckenzie Morales (Sister)
Professional Information
Favorite Genres Jazz
Experience 5 Years
Occupation Student
Studio Dolce Dance Studio

Candy Apple Dance Center (guest) JC's Broadway Dance Academy (guest) The Rage Entertainment Complex (formerly)

Gavin Morales is an 11 year old dancer. Gavin only started dancing in 2011 and gained quick popularity for his amazing skills with such little training. He was one of the dancers on Candy Apple's Dance Center's Apple Core team, and is currently a member of JC's Broadway Dance Academy team on Dance Moms. He joined in 2013 with his sister.



Flashing Lights Jazz Solo

  • 1st Place at Move Dance Competition
  • 1st Place at KAR National Dance Competition

Dr.Feelgood Jazz Solo

  • 1st Place at KAR National Dance Competion
  • 1st place at Starpower National Dance Competion (Mr Junior Starpower) (Nationals)

Baby I'm A Star Jazz Solo

  • 1st Place at Rainbow

Rolling In The Deep Lyrical Solo

  • 1st Place at Starquest
  • 1st Place at Rainbow
  • 1st Place at Showstopper

The Face Lyrical Solo

  • 1st Place at KAR National Dance Competition
  • 1st Place at Showstopper (Nationals)

Ain't Nothing Wrong Jazz Solo

  • 2nd Place at Showbiz
  • 1st Place at Showstopper

Better When You're There Contemporary Solo (Dance Moms)

  • 1st Place at In10sity

Turn to Dust Lyrical Solo

Dark Cry Contemporary Solo

The Come Back Contemporary Solo (Dance Moms)

  • 2nd Place in Pre-Teen Division at Sheer Talent


Bats and Cats Jazz Duet (with Mckenzie Morales)

  • 1st Place at Showbiz
  • 1st Place at Rainbow
  • 1st Place at Starpower (Nationals)

Bonnie and Clyde (with Mckenzie Morales)

On Dance MomsEdit

Gavin, along with his sister Mckenzie appear in several episodes of Dance Moms. They joined Candy Apple's Dance Center and danced with The Apple Core. Gavin's sister was featured in the group dance while he danced with Nick Daniels, Lucas Triana, and Zack Torres.


  • Gavin currently dances at Dolce Dance Studio
  • Gavin has been dancing for 5 years
  • Gavin has only been defeated once by his sister
  • Gavin's favorite dance style is Jazz
  • Gavin's inspiration is Sean Lew
  • Gavin would love to do a duet with Sophia Lucia
  • His sister introduced him to dance
  • When he's not dancing he likes to watch scary movies
  • Gavin's favorite solos are "Rolling In The Deep", and "Flashing Lights"
  • His favorite move in dance is an ariel walkover
  • He along with other dancers participated in Lexi's Song