nBrooke Hyland
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 18
Date of Birth January 30th 1998
Hometown Murrysville, PA
Parents Kelly Hyland, Randy Hyland
Siblings Paige Hyland, Josh Hyland
Professional Information
Favorite Genres Acro
Occupation Student
Studio Abby Lee Dance Company (formerly)

Brooke Hyland is a teen dancer and singer from Pittsburg. Brooke was one of the cast members of Seasons 1-4 of the hit reality show Dance Moms, on Lifetime with her mother Kelly and sister Paige. Brooke is a former member of the ALDC competition team. Brooke is also a recording artist, releasing her first albums and singles in 2013, Summer Love Song.

On Dance MomsEdit

Brooke is one of the original dancers on Dance Moms. Brooke was expected to be the leader seeing as she is the oldest of the girls. Brooke also, was one of Abby's favorites, but then became less interested in dance. Brooke stared in mainly the acrobatic routines and had a few solos. Abby believed Brooke never cared about dancing, which is something that has been covered over all the seasons. Abby even nicknamed her "Brooding Brooke" but actually deeply cares for Brooke. Brooke competed and won nationals in Season 2. 

In Season 3, Brooke wasn't official apart of the team until Chloe was suspended. Brooke continued to compete for the team even though Abby banned her form several competitions. Brooke was placed with the Senior Company and enjoyed dancing with them for that one week. Brooke helped the group once again with nationals.

Brooke and Paige left the show in Season 4 and have confirmed that they will not be returning.



Pull of the Moon.

  • 1st Overall at Dance Educators of America

Who Am I

  • 1st runner-up at MA Dance

Bigger Isn't Better

  • 1st at Dance Master of Pennsylvania

Never Neverland

  • 1st Overall at Dance Educators of America

Break Me

  • 4th at Onstage New York


  • 6th at Starpower


  • 3rd at Thunderstruk

Garden of Eden

  • 1st Overall at Rising Star

Starry Night

  • 5th at Starbound

Paint the Pictures

  • 2nd Overall at Starbound


  • 4th at In10sity Dance

Diary of Anne Frank

  • 1st Overall and Teen Miss Energy at Energy Dance


Birds (with Katherine Narasimhan)

  • 1st Overall at Dance Educators of America

My Eyes Adore You (with Brandon Pent)


  • Brooke has been on 2 dates, to form chemistry for dance. (Set up by Abby)
  • Brooke's favorite subject is Math and she is a straight A student
  • Maddie is Brooke's best friend, and they have the most in common
  • Brooke's favorite acro trick is a, handstand twist
  • Brooke is a fan of the NHL, Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Brooke and Kendall are the only ones who have not forgotten their solo
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • Brooke's mother, Kelly used to dance at ALDC but soon quit, to become a cheerleader
  • The Notebook is her favorite movie