If you are aspiring to become an admin before requesting for adminship


  • Make sure you have at least 200 edits each month.
  • You must be very kind and show amazing leadership skills such as settling disputes well.
  • You must have been on this site for at least 1 month.
  • You must have no ban history.


If you become an admin you are expexted to follow the rules and set an example

I have a warning system in place if you do not know about this please refer to the Rules

One Warning: Adminship being suspended for one week.

Two Warnings: Adminship being suspended for two weeks.

Three Warnings: Adminship being taken away for good.

Any ban meaning even it is just for even one day will result in adminship being taken away for good.

Spam TeamEdit

The spam team has rollback powers only and are responsible for deleting all vandalism and spam


  • Must have at least 50 edits each month no less.
  • Must be on the site for at least 3 weeks 
  • Must have no ban history


With the warning system the same rules apply for an admin. 

After you rollback any spam or vandilism seen report it on the spam team page ASAP as an admin will review it and ban the user responsible. If this rule is not followed you will lose you position on the team for good no exceptions

Chat ModeratorEdit

Even though there are not much people on chat we hope that this would grow much larger meaning we will need Chat Mods


  • Must be very active on chat totaling 21 hours a week no less
  • Must be on this site for at least 4 weeks
  • Must have no chat ban history


Being banned outside of chat will result in Chat Mod status being taken away because you will miss your chat duties.

Must Total 21 Hours on chat for each week 

Please punish any user in a rude debate because we do not want any user complainig that he/she was the only one dicsiplined