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Lets go scouting

I have a few ideas that we can do for this wiki, make it not only a place to lean about great dancers, but maybe hear from them. 

1. Maybe dancers can apply to be added to the wiki. 

2. If we can contact them, we post here exclusive interviews.

Just some ideas. any thoughts admins?

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Cool! I have most people too!

I'm going to a meet and greet this month for Dancemoms!

Perfect. Ask some good questions to add to thier triva pages
besides that how are you? I'm working on a script right now

I'm good, how about you?

Good. Writing a script for a new video.


Yeah It's a AUDC Season 1 recap video. I also have blog work to do as well while writing another script for an anime review. But i did just put up another video last night, I'm also doing more research on dancers