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• 12/30/2013

My fellow Admins..

Where are you guys? I havent seen much activity form you guys at all latley..
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• 12/7/2013

Leave the Dance Moms and AUDC zone

I think we are doing to much on AUDC and Dance Moms. Obviously they are well known btu we should try other dancers as well like Kendall Glover and Autumn miller (I added those pages already.) I'm working on more pages for those dancers and I'm thinking we should focus on other types of dancers as well, like classical ballet dancers and Irish step dancers
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• 12/7/2013

Don't Copy

I just want to make sure we should know not to copy from other wikis. For example, we should just copy all the things on the Dance Moms wiki and post it here. I'm bringing this up becuase we obviously have big wikis with most of the information on them. copying could get us into alot of trouble.
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• 12/5/2013

Lets go scouting

I have a few ideas that we can do for this wiki, make it not only a place to lean about great dancers, but maybe hear from them. 
1. Maybe dancers can apply to be added to the wiki. 
2. If we can contact them, we post here exclusive interviews.
Just some ideas. any thoughts admins?
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• 12/5/2013


Now this is just me so feel free to diagree but I'm not a fan of badges. I think it brings out a competative nature. I'm one such guilty of this so yeah. What are your thought on teh bagdes
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• 12/4/2013

New Theme and Wordmark

I made a new theme and word mark for the wiki. I don't think the grey looks good so I just want the opinions of my fellow admins on these before I upload them Theme
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• 12/4/2013

Issues with Dancer Template

Currently trying to fix the issue
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• 12/4/2013

Dancer Template complete

Male Dancer and Female Dancer Templates have been completed
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