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• 1/1/2014


Preston Cubbage has been up for deletion way to long so he will be deleted
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• 1/1/2014

Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a great New Year and the most fun they could have on this amazing day
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• 12/22/2013

Christmas Awards

We will be giving awards to people who show the most Christmas joy
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• 12/14/2013


Hi. I made a lot of edits to this wiki, so can I be admin?
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• 12/9/2013

The Dance Awards

The dance awards will be renamed The Talented Dancer Awards because there alredy is a dance awards their will also be users who win awards for amazing contributions
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• 12/7/2013

Best Dancer Awards

To make this wiki official we will be holding the talented dancer awards not close to now but everything is being prepared
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